June 3-4, 2022
Alamosa, CO

Start a new vendor application

Thanks for your interest in becoming a vendor at SummerFest on the Rio.

Please know that although you may be a local vendor or have participated in years past we cannot guarantee that your application will be accepted. As a reminder – ALL arts and crafts products must be handcrafted by the vendor. We will not accept imported or retail items.

Applications for food vendors are due no later than March 31st. Food vendors will be selected based on date of application, menu and price. We will not accept any food applications after this date. Art, Craft and Information applications are due no later than 5:00 pm on May 31st. To receive full refunds on booth space, a letter of request is due no later than May 31st.

You will receive confirmation of approved application through E-mail.

Before you begin your application, please have the following available:

  • Credit or debit card for payment (a 3.5% processing fee will be added).
  • If you are a new vendor, please have a description and photos available of your handmade items. Applications will not be reviewed without description and photos of handmade items.

To begin, please review our vendor policies:

Arts & Crafts Booths:

  • Only handcrafted items by the vendor will be allowed by the SLV Arts & Entertainment Committee.
  • If you are a new vendor, please describe and submit non-returnable photos of handmade items. Applications will not be reviewed without description and photos of handmade items.
  • If you are a returning vendor please describe your items and if you would like to display new items please describe and submit non-returnable photos of handmade items.
  • Products that are not handcrafted items will not be allowed. This includes imported or retail items. If you choose to display this type of item you will be asked to put it away or leave the show.

Food Booths:

  • Please submit a detailed FOOD ITEM MENU INCLUDING PRICING with the application.
  • Applications will not be reviewed without a detailed FOOD ITEM MENU INCLUDING PRICING.
  • The FOOD ITEM MENU AND PRICING will be reviewed again during the festival.
  • The committee reserves the right to ask you to adjust the menu. If you do not wish to make adjustments, your application may be declined.
  • Once the application is approved, food items may not be changed or added.
  • Previous year’s booth locations are not guaranteed.

Activity Booths: (Example: train ride, climbing wall, trampoline bounce, obstacle course, bounce house, etc.)

  • ALL activities must provide proposed price schedule for each activity.
  • The committee reserves the right to decline applications based on type of activity, electricity needs or proposed price.
  • Non-returnable photos of activities item must be submitted with the application.
  • Booth fees are 15% of gross and are due at the time of break down on Saturday at the Information Trailer.
  • We must receive your proof of insurance prior to SET UP of your activity.
  • You must provide your own electricity for your booth (i.e. generator).
  • Fundraising Activities shall be limited.

Information Only Booths: (Including non-profits)

  • May not have any items for sale.
  • Must submit a detailed description of the information you intend to display.
  • Commercial information booths are prohibited.


  • Electricity is mainly reserved for Food Booths.
  • Arts & Crafts and Information Booths electricity is reserved as a first come, first serve basis as availability permits.
  • You must provide your own electrical power cords.
  • Electricity is not allowed for RVs and motor homes during festival hours.

Water Hook-up

  • Water hook-up is available as a first come, first serve basis as availability permits.
  • You must provide your own hoses and splitters.

City Sales Tax:

  • Sales Tax Forms will be included in your registration packet which you will receive the day of check-in. You can turn them in to the City representative at the information trailer between 5:00 and 9:00 p.m. on Saturday.
  • SLVFA&E will not collect sales tax. If you are unable to turn it in prior to departure, mail to City of Alamosa: PO Box 419, 300 Hunt Avenue, Alamosa, CO 81101 no later than July 1st.
  • If taxes are not paid to the city, you are at risk of not attending future events.
  • Questions regarding Sales Tax, please contact City of Alamosa Finance Department at 719-589-2593.
  • You will be responsible to collect and report any other vendor taxes.
  • Activity booths are exempt from city sales tax.

Important Things to Know:

  • The SummerFest on the Rio cannot be held responsible for the sudden change in the weather. Be prepared for all types of weather. You are encouraged to bring umbrellas, awnings and other provisions for shading, shelter from the sun, etc. The wind can be very strong at times. Prepare to weigh your tent poles down with something heavy.
  • Exhibitors and vendors will be allowed to camp in Cole Park during the festival ONLY. You WILL NOT be allowed to camp prior to Friday night or after Saturday night. We have never had any vandalism problems and don't anticipate any. You are however, responsible for all your valuables.
  • The Alamosa Police Department will be doing routine patrols for Friday and Saturday evenings. Alamosa Mosquito Control will be spraying Friday and Saturday evening, we recommend you cover and/or protect all your items.
  • We ask for your cooperation in taking care of Cole Park. Please be aware of sprinkler heads when driving through the Park.
  • Parking permits will be given out at registration and must be visible at all times. At no time will you be able to block pathways or walkways. Please be aware of others' needs and work accordingly with your neighbor. This will be patrolled and ticketed.
  • Unless prior permission has been obtained from the SLV Fine Arts & Entertainment Committee, NO PETS will be allowed in the Park. By notifying the committee on the application, they will be allowed, but must be on a leash and near your booth at all times and walked on the paved pathway behind the vendor booths.
  • We will try to accommodate all requests. Priorities will be given to requests relating to health needs.